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Berlin Natural Bakery is an ancient grain Spelt bakery located in the heart of Amish Country, Berlin Ohio. We’re a 3rd generation, family ownedbakery that is in the business of baking real bread – not manufacturing it! We bake all of our products in small batches with minimal, pure, recognizable ingredients.

Our best seller is our Traditional Sourdough Spelt bread made with only 3 ingredients: whole grain Spelt flour, Sea Salt and Water. It is a huge staple for people with a wide variety of food allergies and health/digestive issues like IBS, Crohns – as well as vegans, vegetarians, people looking for no or low sugar items and more! We have two other Sourdoughs (a Sprouted and a White) as well as 8 additional sliced breads all of which have their own value and tastiness! Our current top three would be the Traditional Sourdough, the Sprouted Spelt bread and our Original Whole Grain Spelt bread.

We were the first bread bakery in the country to be Non GMO Project Verified – a movement my Mom truly pioneered! And last year we made the transition to using USDA Certified Organic Spelt flour in all of our baked goods. We are typically sold frozen as we use no preservatives whatsoever.

My Mom has always said that “Berlin Natural Bakery does what is right even when it isn’t easy” and that is absolutely the foundation on which we continue to build upon. It is a belief that I feel comes from our Amish heritage as well as always leading with honor and integrity and honesty. It’s a beautiful and humbling legacy – one in which my brother and I fully intend to uphold.




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