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Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

10008 national blvd


Coffee has negative side effects such as jitters, increased anxiety, increased stomacid, upset stomach and caffeine crash. Buddha Beans Coffee Co. has found a way to mitigate most of these side effects.

We have been able to bring coffee back into so many peoples lives that had to stop drinking coffee due to its negative side effects.

Drinking coffee is a ritual that we believe everyone should have access to.


Marc began roasting coffee out of a hot air popcorn maker in Los Angeles, CA. What started as a hobby, soon led to a business opportunity as popularity caught on. To differentiate Buddha Beans® from the rest, they performed rigorous research and development to perfect their current infusion process.


Buddha Beans® Coffee Co. roasts and infuses all of their coffee in-house. This allows for complete control over raw material input and roast profile. The final product is third party lab tested to ensure quality in every cup. The infusion process is proprietary.

Buddha Beans® Coffee is fair trade. All raw coffee beans are either direct trade or from a wholesaler with ethically sourced beans.

Buddha Beans® Coffee is infused with hemp sourced from USDA certified Organic farms in Oregon and Colorado.

Our founder visited the farm in June of 2019 and helped
plant over half an acre of hemp. Part of our ethos is seed to sale, for not only CBD, but for coffee as well. It’s important to connect to the source.



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