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We are leaders in Pediatric Cannabis Medicine, providing high-quality, consistent, and effective cannabis products to treat children suffering with epilepsy, autism, childhood cancer, and other pediatric conditions. Cannabis and CBD is a strong alternative to western medication, and in many cases is proving to be more effective in treating symptoms associated with these conditions.

We have developed our products based on observational data from over 10,000 pediatric patients spanning the last seven years. Our aim is to perfect our products so they can treat specific symptoms, from seizures and behavioural problems, to pain and trouble sleeping at night. Canniatric products remove the guesswork and risk of treating children with cannabis and CBD. No parent should need to scour back-alley dispensaries for products that may cause more harm than good.

For us, passion rules the game. When your child’s life is on the line, you’ll stop at nothing to improve their quality of life. We know firsthand what it feels like to be hopeless, broken, and abandoned by the medical community with no viable solutions on the horizon. We look above and beyond our challenges within this industry and the politics that surround it to a hopeful future, where children don’t need to be prescribed with a cocktail of drugs to numb their symptoms.

We are here to improve the quality of life not only for children but for families. Canniatric’s foundation is built on education and empowerment. Our consultations are free of charge and our support extends far beyond the product on the shelf. When other people don’t get it, we do.



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