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What is FONIO?

FONIO is an ancient superfood! It has been cultivated for centuries, and serves as a daily staple for millions. 

Fonio is a small millet and can be eaten as a couscous or a porridge. Additionally, this versatile grain can be ground into a flour and used to create gluten free bread.


Due to its amazing nutritional qualities, our FONIO is considered a superfood. FONIO is rich in amino-acids (even richer than an egg), and has more methionine and cysteine  than any other grain. Fonio also delivers high quantities of calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.


FONIO is naturally free from gluten, but your taste buds won’t know the difference. Fonio flour can be used for biscuits, cakes and bread, rolled out into a pizza base, turned into pancakes or added to existing products to up their nutritional value…the list is endless…


FONIO is diabetic friendly due to its low sugar content. With its low glycemic index (even lower than rice), fonio keeps food cravings at bay while still providing the necessary energy required!


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