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At Inca Gold Organics, we are an Importer / Exporter and Wholesaler of Organic and Natural Superfoods to retailers, distributors and food manufacturers. Our offerings: our own branded retail packages, full or mixed containers of bulk products as well as single or mixed pallet shipments.

As you may know, we are a Canadian company with Peruvian roots, committed to delivering delicious and nutritious superfoods to North American tables at affordable prices. Our highest priorities are:
• Quality
• Competitive pricing
• Respect for the farmers that grow our products
Our products are certified organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-gmo. We also carry conventional too!

Inca Gold Organics sources products from South America (predominantly Peru and Bolivia) and offer a wide range and variety of Quinoa (white, tricolor, red, black) seeds, flours, flakes, Chia (whote/black), Maca (yellow/red/black) based products.



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