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Hello, my name is Michael Lindinger. I would like to introduce you to our nutraceutical supplements services that can help your company. We have helped many clients design supplements and select the right ingredients using science, both for function and safety. We can also help you with registering your product with regulators. The Nutraceutical Alliance brings together expertise in evidence-based ingredient selection and product design, research designs for testing product safety and function in the target species, data analysis, communications to industry and the scientific communities, regulatory dossiers and notifications (FDA, Health Canada, EFSA) as well as methods development for nutraceutical supplements, pharmaceuticals and biomedical instrumentation. The Nutraceutical Alliance has helped many companies to successfully design nutraceutical supplements, design and complete studies that bring evidence based research to their products, and register / notify their ingredients and products with regulatory agencies. Contact us to let us know how we can help you!



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