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Nutraceutical Bio Hemp

CBD Oil SoftGel Capsules (60 counts), 900mg, Enhanced Absorption

15mg of Pure Isolated CBD per capsule in LCT (Hemp Seed) Oil
THC free
Pharma Grade cGMP process for maximum purity and quality
Tested by ISO-72025 Certified Analytical Lab
All Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO

Enhanced Absorption Hemp Oil Soft Gel Capsules formulated in a digestible LCT oil (in capsules) outperforms MCT oil to provide greater ability to predominantly transport active ingredients into the lymphatic system and partially avoid a first pass metabolism. Therefore, it helps to achieve much higher bioavailability (12 – 18%) and long-lasting health supporting effect. Supports healthy immune system, overall body strength and homeostasis Administer regularly to achieve the best and consistent results



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