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Reborn Chia Scrub

Reborn Chia Scrub


Product Description

This all-natural, sensitive skin scrub is perfect for keeping sensitive skin soft and moisturized. It’s packed with antioxidant-rich chia seeds, and delicious smells of vanilla to brighten your morning routine.

Our Chia scrub is the perfect addition for your sensitive skin, skin care routine, we absolutely love this product and could not wait to let everyone know about it. We made the chia scrub as a light exfoliator that can be used on the entire body especially your face.

My daughter as a teenager had very sensitive skin and often complained about how she had small bumps on her nose, chin, or forehead and how most exfoliator was so intense on her face it just left her face raw.  I made this scrub with those thoughts in mind, this all natural face and body scrub will not disappoint. I know your skin will love it!! This is a great scrub to use with a cloth if you want a gentle but more vigorous scrub.  Try it today, your skin will thank you.