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Fawn Lily Botanica

Fawn Lily Botanica


Product Description

Fawn Lily Botanica is a unique line of handcrafted artisanal botanical skincare products. Our specialty is creating exquisite, unique, gentle, and effective formulas utilizing the powerful properties of plants for balanced, beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin for all skin types!

Our products are carefully made by hand in-house from pure, organic, sustainable, ethically harvested, and locally grown or foraged ingredients according to time-honored and traditional methods of medicine making. We use only the very best ingredients because what you put on your skin affects your entire body + mind.

With over 25 years of experience making skincare and herbal preparations, our unique formulas are expertly created. Every ingredient is intentional and utilized because of it’s herbal properties. There are no fillers in our products, only pure and active botanical ingredients.