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Kingdom of Esther Pte Ltd

Kingdom of Esther Pte Ltd


Product Description

Revitalise your skin and body with (TCM) Natural Skincare Products
Distilling from the ancient Chinese healing philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our products enable you to care for your skin from the inside out.

Established in 2008, WD has been focusing on the art of healing. Using only Chinese herbs, plant extractions and our patented formulation, we take pride in eliminating all uses of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colouring. This allows us to create a series of natural and safe products that yields positive, permanent results, when supported by our guided steps of personal care.

Combining TCM Formulations with Modern Technology
With years of experience in TCM, our R&D division has modernised traditional formulations with advanced technology to maintain the consistency and enhance the quality of the Chinese herbs during the manufacturing process.

History of White Dragon
The belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) runs deep in the family. My father operated a Chinese medical hall for more than 35 years of his life and often shared his beliefs with the family. I grew up with traditional Chinese medicine as a young child as I pranced through the shop and tasted the different herbs laid out on the shelves. My father’s passion in Chinese medicine business opened my eyes to the world of the miraculous healing power of Chinese herbs.

Years later through a serendipitous encounter, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my roots. I was introduced to a group of dedicated, innovative and passionate elite professors whose dream is to combat against chemical products. Devoting their lives to impart their knowledge and experience through their seminars, books and innovation, they have also invented and created over 100 herbal beauty and healthcare products.

With our shared passion and common goal, we formed a partnership to create a unique range of personal beauty care products – TCM-formulated Natural Cosmetics. They are created from Chinese herbs, plant extracts and vitamins and concocted using the wisdom of ancient Chinese healing philosophy while carefully blending them for the perfect balance. Together with our Herbal Patented Formulation, our professors have modernised the TCM formulations to create a complete range of Personal Beauty Care products which not only enhances beauty from head to toe, but also maintain and prevent the toil of ageing. Most importantly, healing from the inside out and delivering gradual and permanent results that truly last.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is pure, safe and free from chemicals, yet its healing properties can yield visible positive results within 2 weeks. Pure relates to White. The magnificent results resembles the inner strength of a Dragon which is strong, stable and powerful; White Dragon is formed/born to resonate the energies of these wonderful and beautiful TCM Natural products.

White Dragon was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008 as an Independent Foreign Company promoting the TCM Natural Cosmetics. From small beginnings in the US through eCommerce, WD has grown and built a group of Elite Online-retailers.

Launched in US late 2008
Launched in UK (Boutique) 2009
Trade fairs in Natural Expo Hong Kong, Dubai and Malaysia (2010 – 2011)
Showcase displays in India, Turkey and Spain in 2012
Direct sales to US, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India and Malaysia


We welcome strategic partnerships with companies who share the same passion, beliefs and commitment to promote our TCM Natural Products globally and above all, their safety and efficacy of use.

With the vast experience and expertise of our senior management who hail from various sectors – health, beauty and finance industries, White Dragon is poised to rise above the challenges of leading diversified business interests, with confidence and purpose.

White Dragon’s future plans include developing new products to complement and enhance the current lines. Resources will also be channelled to develop health & wellness spas and salons that customise programmes focused on enhancing, revitalising, rejuvenating and regenerating cells from the inside out for our clientele to look beautiful naturally.

To take our consumers on a holistic journey of experiencing our TCM Natural Products, White Dragon will further explore the concept of incorporating in our products and services 3 imperative elements that are closely intertwined – body, mind & soul.