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Lovelier Shea Butter

Lovelier Shea Butter


Product Description

Smooch Lip Care, 15 ml

You are bound to love the Lovelier Shea Smooch Lip Care both for its moisturizing as well as its hydrating qualities. It is better than a lip balm because it absorbs into the skin of your lip and goes to work to produce a fresh, very smooth layer.

You may expect your lips to be rough in the first three or so days while this exfoliating wonder is taking place. And then the fresh layer comes forth. Wear it over your lip color for greater shine or underneath your lipstick for lip health.

Its light wintergreen fragrance enhances the general feeling of health you get from the daily use of Lovelier Shea Smooch Lip Care. Get a handful, two for yourself and one each for your closest friends. They will love you for it.