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Lovelier Shea Butter

Lovelier Shea Butter


Product Description

ExEcz Eczema Control Crème, 2 oz

Lovelier Shea ExEcz Eczema Control Crème is loaded with essential fatty acids that penetrate the skin to remove the itching and scaly skin of Eczema. It is both moisturizing and hydrating, working wonders under the skin for rapid relief of Eczema and other dermatitis symptoms.

ExEcz is thicker than most Lovelier Shea creams to allow it rapidly counter the dryness of eczema.

Don’t let the pleasant fragrance of ExEcz fool you; it is highly effective, as our clients testify. You too will love it.

If your doctor has diagnosed seborrhoeic dermatitis, your best bet is Lovelier Shea SkinJoy.