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M-Klass Cosmetics LTD

M-Klass Cosmetics LTD


Product Description

Our Butt Care Beauty Pack includes FIRMING BUTT MASK, PURIFYING SCRUB & TIGHTENING CREAM for your butt. These products are formulated to make your butt skin smooth, plumped up, refreshed, toned and smoother!

If you’re suffering from long-term issues like dehydrated skin, loose skin or dead skin on your derriere, let our Butt Care Beauty Pack come to the rescue. Treat your booty with this series of treatment to help you relax and re-up your self-confidence. Whatever the reason may be, our Butt Care Beauty Pack provides you the ultimate BUTTITUDE experience for your butt skin.

The result of this pack will be glowing and a happy butt skin and a more confident you!

So end all your butt skin issues at once with BUTTITUDE.

FDA-approved, 100% natural & animal cruelty-free.