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Benefits Of Listing Your Natural Product Or Service In The Natural Product InPrint Guide

Benefits Of Listing Your Natural Product Or Service In The Natural Product InPrint Guide

The Natural Product InPrint Guide is a printed resource for purchasing natural goods and services. It is published twice yearly, once in January and once in May, and is sent to members, over 20,000 health food stores, product manufacturers, and other key players within the Natural Products Industry.

Some of the persons in the Natural Products Industry that receive direct mailings of the NPG Inprint Guide include:

  • Over 20,000 Independent Health Food Stores Countrywide.
  • Over Ten Thousand Experts in the Natural Products Industry.
  • Manufacturers of Natural Products and Ingredients.
  • Service Providers in the Natural Products Industry.
  • All members of the Natural Product Guide.

You can promote your business and natural goods products with a listing in the Natural Product InPrint Guide. Available listings can be purchased at the quarter, half, full, or double page levels.

Listing your product or service in the imprint guide has many advantages. By advertising in the NPG InPrint Guide, your company will gain exposure, new clients, and repeat customers. Other benefits include:

Establishing Trust and Credibility

Many of Natural Product Inprint’s readers are devoted to it because they believe in the content it publishes. In addition, many consumers, manufacturers, experts, and service providers in this industry always look for credible natural products and services.

Unlike online advertising, print ads require a more involved procedure. By listing your products and services on Natural Product Inprint, you will be able to establish trust and credibility with future customers.

Improves Visibility Of Your Brand

Brand awareness and loyalty are built through consistent, repeated exposure to magazine listings like the Natural Product Inprint Guide. 

In the context of advertising and marketing, physically handling printed material may help promote a more profound emotional engagement with its message—this aids in the retention of information and developing a sense of loyalty toward a brand. 

This is because the presence of a brand’s logo and message in a physical print that readers keep around for a long time increases the likelihood that they will remember the brand and its message.

The Longevity Of Print Media Ads

Listing your natural product or service in the Natural Product Inprint Guide means that your listing will remain as long as the guidebook exists. 

Most commercials published in periodicals tend to stick around for quite some time. This is because books and periodicals are everyday items in households and workplaces.

Some guidebooks are collected and read multiple times by their owners, while others find new readers when left in waiting rooms at places like hospitals and clinics.

Encourages Participation And Stands Out

Print media, as opposed to digital media, tends to command greater reader attention. Readers are less likely to skim a listing than to read it on the web.

When going through a guidebook such as the Natural Product Inprint Guide, usually, the person is not multitasking and takes time to read through. 

Most times, readers are probably viewing the listing on purpose, making it more likely that they will remember your listing when making a purchase.

Print advertisements and the products they promote are more noticeable than ever in today’s crowded natural products industry.

Engage with Product Manufacturers

As a natural products service provider, getting your company infront of natural product manufacturers and brands is critical. An imprint guide listing is just the way to do just that. Effectively reach over 10,000 natural product manufacturers with a listing in our Natural Product InPrint Guide.


A listing on the Natural Product Inprint Guide gets viewed by many readers who are more than likely looking for an offering like yours. In addition, listing on this guide will be a bonus for your digital advertisements in the Natural Product Guide.

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