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How to Find Natural Product Importers

How to Find Natural Product Importers

Finding importers for specific commodities presents a list of unique challenges. This is especially true for natural products as they aim to reach a particular type of consumer base.

Once you determine the particular product you would like to import, you want to find a quality supplier that meets the unique needs of both you and your customers. Finding a starting point is the first and often most challenging step.

Customers looking for natural and organic products have a specific standard for potential purchases. They want products that contain fewer chemicals and are more natural.

International trading for natural products undergoes strict importing laws and FDA restrictions that make it difficult to reach the desired market. Although licensing or permits are not typically required, suppliers looking to import into the United States must meet a specified set of regulations.

With such strict requirements, many international suppliers find it difficult to navigate FDA regulations and gain approval, limiting the available importers and their products.

Finding natural product importers is even more challenging. Products that earn the label of “natural and organic” must meet stricter codes in order to satisfy regulations.

Understanding the various challenges that international suppliers face can help you find your best-fitting natural products producer.

The Various Challenges of Finding Natural Products Importers

Part of why it is so challenging to find importers is the strictness of the U.S. import laws. These regulations ensure that manufacturers produce quality products that are acceptable enough to introduce to the international market.

Strict Import Laws

By definition, imports are the goods or services produced by one country and sold to members of another country.

Exports are the goods or services bought by one country from another.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lists specific policies and procedures of international importers to follow. Although they do not require importers to have a license or permit, it is still essential that they follow the rules and regulations.

Some types of products or services require specific licensing to import into the United States, depending on the association of inquiry.

FDA Compliance Standards

FDA compliance is critical for food distributors – especially those who produce natural and organic foods.

Organic foods maintain a specific standard that customers look for. FDA approval for natural food products is essential when participating in international trading.

As long as suppliers register products with the FDA, importing is possible without prior sanction. All imports are subject to FDA inspection upon arrival to the United States.

Established Networks

On top of undergoing specific government regulations, import suppliers require an established sales network to reach their desired audience.

With so many different types of products out there, finding a platform for natural products is essential. Consumers seeking organic products have specific requirements that must be met in order to sway the buying decision.

Finding natural product importers that meet your specific needs is better done with an established sales network as a reference.

How to Find a Quality Natural Products Importer

Understanding the challenges that face natural product importers provides greater insight for those searching for specific suppliers.

When it comes to finding importers, where do you look?

There are various resources available to help you narrow your search for international product suppliers.

Where to Look

The World Wide Web

Nowadays, the internet provides answers to nearly any question we can think of. Utilizing the web to find natural product importers is an easy way to find a list of supplier options.

Inputting keywords and phrases into the search engine helps to narrow down your search. For example, if you are looking for food products, you could enter “organic food product imports for the United States.”

Wholesale trade directories are another excellent online resource when searching for importers. There are several online directories that focus only on natural and organic products, which helps you find potential importers.


Trade exhibitions provide opportunities for suppliers to meet potential buyers. Industry-specific exhibitions help you narrow down your search and find quality natural product importers that work for your business.

Find a Supplier that Fits with You

Now that you know where to look, you need to find the importer that works best for you. Potential importers should provide the following.

● A superb reputation

● The ability to keep up with a growing demand

● Quality product information

● Impressive packaging and pricing

● Eco-friendly products that meet the needs of your organic and natural focused customers

On top of these, a quality importer will provide a level of chemistry needed to do business.

Finding importers that meet both government regulations and your specific needs is key to receiving the natural and organic products you are searching for.

Online Natural Product Databases

Finding databases that focus on natural products is essential when searching for a specific type of importer. Below is a list of excellent online resources to utilize when searching for natural product importers.

Nutritional Products International (NPI)

NPI is an elite sales and management company that markets new and existing products throughout the United States. With a focus on natural and organic products, NPI gives consumers a direct pathway to companies that offer the unique products that they are looking for.

They work with retailers, brand developers, and manufacturers to grow businesses and grow customer bases.

NPI promotes foreign and domestic brands from a variety of industries.

● Health and wellness products

● Dietary supplements

● Cosmeceuticals

● Skin and beauty products

● Functional foods

● Sports nutrition commodities

● Beverages

● Nutraceuticals

Vita Food Products

Vita Food Products specializes in providing consumers with fresh, quality food.

Organic food is among the most popular items when searching for organic products. Vita Foods has been providing access to high-quality, natural foods since 1898.

Customers can find a variety of foods through the company.

● Sauces and marinades

● Seafood

● Salad dressings

● Dessert toppings

● Honey

● Agave

● Miscellaneous condiments

Natural Products Association

NPA is the premier trading association for natural products and has been since 1936. The goal of the company is to highlight the benefits of natural foods and help suppliers reach a greater audience.

NPA works with a variety of natural products, including dietary supplements, beauty products, health and wellness supplies, and wholesale foods.

The Natural Products Association has an impressive reputation thanks to years of commitment to natural and organic products.


Pharmaca works with a wide range of natural product brands, including:

● Trilogy

● Evanhealy

● Juice Beauty

● MegaFood

● Mad Hippie

● Vital Proteins

● Thorne

And many more.

Pharmaca has a list of quality assurance practices that give consumers the buying confidence they need to purchase a product.

Pharmaca quality assurance includes meeting FDA regulations and being legally labeled according to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Searching for natural product importers is challenging for several reasons. From strict legal regulations to organic product standards, importers essentially jump through hoops to ensure their products are up to par.

Those searching for natural products aim to use items that are both earth-friendly and lacking chemicals. This creates a set of specific standards for producers to exceed to meet the growing demand of organic buyers.

Finding natural product buyers is challenging but far from impossible.

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