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Reach 20,000+ Natural Product Retailers And Manufacturers In The Natural Products Industry

Reach 20,000+ Natural Product Retailers And Manufacturers In The Natural Products Industry

The Natural Product InPrint Guide is an useful printed resource for listing naturally derived and organic products and services.

The publication has two annual issues, one in January and one in May, and reaches a wide audience thanks to its distribution to members, 20,000+ health food retailers, product manufacturers, and other key figures in the Natural Products Industry.

Having access to over 20,000 retailers in this sector is a major perk of having your natural products and services featured in the Natural Product InPrint Guide. Inclusion in this guidebook is helpful for a variety of reasons. Included in this group are:

  • Connect with Manufacturers of Organic and Natural Products
  • Get Exposure to Over 20,000 Independent Health Food Retailers

An Natural Product InPrint Guide listing will help you reach natural product producers who may benefit from your services.

Win Over Your Preferred Retailer’s Confidence

The Natural Product InPrint Guide, like other print magazines, has a good reputation for offering reliable and relevant content to its readers.

Natural product stores are continually on the lookout for reliable producers and brands.

Get Potential Vendors Interested

Readers are more engaged by print items than their digital counterparts. A hardcopy guidebook’s more interactive format makes it less likely that a reader will skim the text in favor of focusing on some other aspects of the narrative.

A store owner who is on the lookout for new products to stock will peruse the Natural Products InPrint Guide with extra attention.

Since these shops are actively perusing the guide, there is a good chance that they will contact your brand about its products and services after receiving it.

Marketing Your Brand to Retail Stores

It’s vital to keep in mind that advertising isn’t just about short-term gains, but rather about the long-term strategy of building a recognizable brand name.

Making your brand known requires informing potential stockists of your brand and its goods. Magazine ads have been shown to increase sales and brand recognition by building trust and credibility with consumers.

Don’t let your good first impression fade away

It’s not uncommon for online advertisements to vanish as quickly as they appeared. Since online advertising has a much shorter lifespan than traditional print media, you must act quickly to capture the attention of your target audience.

When looking to stock their shelves, many stores actively seek out innovative and trustworthy brands. As long as the merchant keeps the Natural Product InPrint Guide, your contact information and product details will be easily accessible.

Prospective merchants can return to your listing as often as they like, unlike online advertisements.

Cost of Natural Product InPrint Guide Listing

A listing in an in-print guide for natural products is a great way to spread the word about your company and its products or serrvices.
Listings on the Natural Product InPrint Guide are available in a variety of packages; choose the one that best meets your needs. There are a variety of listing sizes to choose from, including half, full, and double pages.

You can expect to pay $499 for a quarter page listing. A half-page ad is also available for only $699.

Full page advertisements cost $999. The price of a double page is $1499 and provides the most value.

To facilitate communication with retailers and stores who may be interested in carrying your products, you may provide contact information such as a phone number, website URL, social media handles, and/or a physical address on your listings.

Brands can effectively reach a independent health food retailer audience of up to 20,000 with the help of the Natural Product InPrint Guide. You can choose to have your listing appear either in the printed Natural Product InPrint Guide Book or on the website for free.

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