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Selling Natural Products To Retailers With The Assistance Of Trulife Distribution

Selling Natural Products To Retailers With The Assistance Of Trulife Distribution

One of the most difficult tasks for natural product brands when it comes to marketing and promotion is getting their products on retail store shelves. It is even harder if the retail store is large and there are many competitors in the space.

With so much competition, only a small fraction of natural products businesses make it into major retailers’ inventory. Getting your product into a major retail store is a long and arduous process that requires you to convince the store that your product is valuable enough to warrant shelf space. So how can you beat the competition and start selling at top retail stores in the U.S?

Why Is It Necessary To Sell Your Natural Products In Retail Stores?

Selling your natural products to a retail store can be a great way to gain exposure to a wider audience. It’s the equivalent of having a sales force dedicated to opening up new markets for your products. 

Stocking your inventory in a physical retail space is crucial as it provides an additional product discovery channel beyond word-of-mouth and online search. When promoting your products, retailers will be more interested in what you have to offer if it is novel and different from what is already available. 

Marketing Your Natural Products Through The Natural Product Guide And Trulife Distribution

Natural product brands can list their products in the Natural Product Guide(NPG) to get discovered by retailers looking to stock new brands. The NPG is the premiere directory for trusted brands across multiple industries, including nutraceuticals, health, and beauty. 

Also, your brand can get direct exposure to retailers in the space with the assistance of Trulife Distribution. This company has partnered with NPG to help brands succeed in the competitive retail environment.

Can You Reach The Biggest Retailers Through Trulife Distribution?

When launching your natural product brand into the retail space, it is important to take calculated steps while approaching the retailers. You can reach out to smaller stores and chains by making a personal visit. However, bigger retailers require you to partner with a company like Trulife Distribution which has connections with the specific retailers. 

TruLife Distribution is your ticket to the lucrative U.S. market thanks to its extensive relationships with major retailers across the country. The executives at TruLife Distribution are recognized experts in the marketing and distribution of nutritional, health, and wellness products. 

Their team’s cumulative experience exceeds 100 years, and they have built strong connections with industry buyers and a track record of widespread distribution to major retail accounts.

TLD’s top-tier sales team has forged partnerships with numerous prominent U.S. retailers, including, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Wal-Mart. This means that your brand can reach out to these major retailers through the help of TLD.

Other Ways Trulife Distribution Can Help You Break Into The Natural Products Retail Market

Ad Campaigns Crafted By Industry Experts

Professionally crafted marketing materials should give potential retailers a good impression of your natural product brand. The marketing materials you have created highlight the unique qualities of your products, and TLD can help set you apart from your competition.

Comprehensive Public Relations Campaigns To Raise Brand Awareness

Using PR campaigns to spread the word about your company and the goods and services you offer is highly effective. In the past, media kits, press releases, and phone calls or letters were the mainstays of any successful public relations campaign.

Today, traditional methods of PR are still crucial, but PR pros need to get creative to succeed in the internet age. You can count on Trulife distribution to assist you in launching PR campaigns aimed at some of the largest retailers in the United States.

Legal Compliance Through In-Depth Packaging And Ingredient Analysis 

The U.S. market is highly regulated, especially for natural products brands that focus on nutraceutical, health, and dietary supplements/products. That’s why you must double-check that your products comply with U.S. FDA regulations before releasing them to any retail outlet, whether large or small.

To protect your brand’s reputation and keep your products on store shelves, it’s important to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Before releasing your product to stores, the experts at Trulife distribution can help you analyze the product’s ingredients and packaging to ensure they comply with FDA regulations.

Synergetic Marketing Strategies

The term “synergistic marketing” refers to a situation in which the combined effects of two or more marketing tactics exceed those of either tactic used alone. Using multiple synergized marketing strategies allows a business to stand out from the crowd and prove to retailers you are the right brand to stock its shelves.

TLD can implement smart marketing synergies relevant to your product or service and that resonates with your target retail audience. As a result, you will start to get inquiries and sales across multiple retail outlets.

Routine Updates And Campaign Analytics

Once you’ve launched your synergistic marketing strategies with Trulife and begun receiving regular analytics reports, you’ll have easy access to connecting with your target audience. 

You can use the feedback loop to quickly boost marketing strategies of your company’s all-natural products to target specific retail stores. Analytics can greatly help you to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Promoting And Taking Your Natural Products Brand To The Next Level

The Natural Product Guide, both online and in print, is a fantastic venue for listing your natural products. Your brand has the potential to quickly expand its retail customer base with access to over 20,000 independent health food stores in the U.S.

Here at NPG, we are advocates of targeted results, which is why we’ve partnered with Trulife Distribution to get your products into the hands of the world’s biggest retailers. They have established relationships with many of the most influential retail markets in the United States and can aid your brand in succeeding in today’s challenging retail market.

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