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What to know about Natural Product Distributors

What to know about Natural Product Distributors

While “natural” is not a federally regulated term, the idea of purchasing and consuming a naturally made product is becoming increasingly more important. A natural product will generally be derived from non-artificial ingredients and exhibit little to no processing or artificial additives. If your product is natural, you should be leveraging that to drive sales and increase brand recognition.

Natural can span organic foods to free trade foods—the label will tell customers the product’s certification and how ethical and green you are as a manufacturer. Sometimes, however, it can be challenging for customers to know how you are abiding by natural regulations and standards if your product isn’t being marketed effectively. Likewise, consumers need to know where their food is coming from, as distribution runs deeper than just the store from which food is bought.

For that reason, we have outlined a list of noteworthy natural product distributors that should be on your radar. It’s essential you know the advantages of each food distributor before you move forward with one for your product. This list will get you up to speed on natural product distribution so you can make an informed decision for your company.

1. Nutritional Products International

Nutritional Products International gives product manufacturers the tools to thrive in the United States market. Nutritional Products International will work intimately with your brand, manufacturers, and retailers to bring your product from a successful launch to a lasting presence in the market. By leveraging meaningful relationships with buyers across the country, Nutritional Products International can get you in with large, successful companies that drive food sales nationally.

Nutritional Products International knows how to handle the sales of natural products and navigate that arena accordingly. With over 100 years of experience in distribution and retail, Nutritional Products International makes an excellent home for your brand when you’re ready to elevate your sales and market presence.

2. Essential Wholesale & Labs

Essential Wholesale & Labs leads the market in the sale of organic, natural cosmetic products. The distributor offers tailored formulating and contract packages based on what you need, depending on the size of your business. Essential Wholesale & Labs has you covered whether you need concept work or you’re ready to ship a completed product, Essential Wholesale & Labs has you covered.

The company only sells products that are made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Essential Wholesale & Labs will make your product in their state-of-the-art labs if you need production services. Using only the best and most sustainable ingredients, the company can craft your personal care product to your liking.

They are flexible to your needs, allowing you to mix and match different services.

3. VehGro

Whether you need to sell food or self-care products, VehGro is your complete organic wholesaler. VehGro boasts over 2,000 ingredients available for your cosmetic product, giving you ample room to diversify and make your product wholly unique. Nearly all of their stock is entirely organic, both for food and other products.

VehGro is known for selling in bulk, so if you need to quickly move organic food products, this is your go-to wholesaler.

4. Hummingbird Wholesale

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, this family-owned company significantly impacts its sustainable and forward-thinking practices. Hummingbird Wholesale works with local farmers growing food that was previously unable to be produced in the United States, frequently taking recommendations from clients and customers.

Hummingbird Wholesale’s larger mission involves getting the whole world to a 100% sustainable place, starting with Oregon and the West Coast. The company is dedicated to forging meaningful and lasting connections with their clients, treating you just as they would their neighbors in Eugene.

5. Health Food Distributors (HFD)

HFD, founded in 1939, is one of the longest-running natural product distributors in the US, founded in 1939. Having been around so long, HFD helped pioneer the natural food industry, very much making it what it is today. Additionally, HFD’s years in business have granted it close personal ties to grocery stores and food retailers.

The company sells everything from health foods to essential vitamins. HFD has over 200 clients selling around 10,000 products.

6. GreenDropShip

With over 20,000 natural, organic products already in stock, GreenDropShip is equipped to handle manufacturers who need to sell large amounts of specialty products. GreenDropShip aims to empower merchants with the ability to purchase premium organic products, allowing them to come into contact with new brands they can use to grow their company.

The dropshipping platform is available on a yearly subscription. Likewise, GreenDropShip has developed a unique method for storing perishables, so they remain fresh from the warehouse to the doorstep to the table. This platform offers you a unique way to sell directly to a customer instead of hoping they notice you at the storefront.


UNFI is a great go-to choice for any natural food producer looking to enter the grocery market. With over 60 unique distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada, UNFI allows you to reach a broader range of consumers than a traditional natural product distributor. Selling even some of your products through UNFI will enable you to get your brand in a wide variety of stores across regions.

8. Nutrix International

Nutrix International is another cosmetic retailer that can create formulas and exclusive products from the ingredients to the packaging and label. Additionally, they will develop unique recipes for you upon request. Nutrix is excellent for a company that is ready to start development for its product but can’t do so in house.

Nutrix offers business services to help follow through with your launch process.

9. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central sells everything from natural products to electronics, making it ideal if your company sells more than just natural products. The site lists other distributors as well, making it a decent place to shop around for the company that fits your mission best. That said, this is not your pick if your goal is to highlight your product’s natural or organic composition. It is, however, an excellent catch-all distributor if the flexibility suits you.

10. Horizon Grocery + Wellness

Horizon Grocery + Wellness leads Canada as the largest seller of natural food products, cosmetic items, and supplements. Horizon offers personalized service, working closely with your brand to achieve a 95% fill rate.

Horizon Grocery + Wellness works with large chains, independent stores, and restaurants, making it the ideal choice if you have specialized products that cannot be sold in a traditional store. The company is committed to excellence, priding itself in its integrity in product and ingredient selection.

Make an Informed Decision for Your Natural Products

Whether you are cornering the gluten-free market in a niche region or you want to make more people aware of your patented organic cosmetic product, you need a firm handle on the supply chain. The good news is plenty of distributors exist; narrow down your choices to those that best match your brand.

Check out our articles on natural food products and natural product certifications to learn more about how you can leverage the natural benefits of your food product. Natural Product Guide has the resources you need to get your natural and organic business on track.

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