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Selling Natural Products To Retailers With The Assistance Of Trulife Distribution

One of the most difficult tasks for natural product brands when it comes to marketing and promotion is getting their products on retail store shelves. It is even harder if the retail store is large and there are many competitors in the space. With so much competition, only a small fraction of natural products businesses […]

Benefits Of Listing Your Natural Product Or Service In The Natural Product InPrint Guide

The Natural Product InPrint Guide is a printed resource for purchasing natural goods and services. It is published twice yearly, once in January and once in May, and is sent to members, over 20,000 health food stores, product manufacturers, and other key players within the Natural Products Industry. Some of the persons in the Natural […]

Reach 20,000+ Natural Product Retailers And Manufacturers In The Natural Products Industry

The Natural Product InPrint Guide is an useful printed resource for listing naturally derived and organic products and services. The publication has two annual issues, one in January and one in May, and reaches a wide audience thanks to its distribution to members, 20,000+ health food retailers, product manufacturers, and other key figures in the […]

Add Your Company to the Premier Natural Product Database

These days, more and more people are putting a greater focus on their health and personal well-being. As a natural product producer, you show your customers that you care about their goals just as much as they do. The market for natural products has grown significantly over the years as people realize the downside to […]

How a Small Business List Directory Can Grow Your Company

In today’s digital era, people use search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find the right products or services for their needs. How can you use this knowledge to increase your business’s brand awareness and attract customers? The first thing you should think about is your online presence and how it can benefit your […]

How to Find Natural Product Importers

Finding importers for specific commodities presents a list of unique challenges. This is especially true for natural products as they aim to reach a particular type of consumer base. Once you determine the particular product you would like to import, you want to find a quality supplier that meets the unique needs of both you […]

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What is the Natural Product Buyer Guide?

Natural Product Guide is the leading database of reputable companies in nutritional, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, health, and beauty products, among others. Our index connects you directly to the greatest natural product providers on the market. Our simple search function makes it simple to find the best natural products or services.

Become a vendor on today and have your product featured alongside the industry’s top natural brands!

Who is the Natural Product Guide For?

The Natural Product Guide is intended for any company or service within the Natural Products Industry. From Finished Products to Raw Materials. All Natural Products and Services are welcome!

How much does a listing cost?

The Natural Product Guide Online is a 100% free buyers guide for the Natural Products Industry.

What is the Natural Product InPrint Guide?

The Natural Product InPrint Guide is a physically printed buyers guide of natural products and services. It is published twice a year and mailed to our members, over 20,000 independent health food stores, product manufacturers and other key players within The Natural Products Industry.